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Setup Steps
  • Make sure to install .Net Framework 3.5 first.
  • After downloading SharpSLT, unpack the archive file in a folder of your choice.

Start SharpSLT as Standalone
  • If you want to start SharpSLT as standalone, no configuration is needed.
  • Navigate to the folder where you extracted the archive and start 'SoftwareLocalizationTool.exe'.
  • At startup, a window/form appears in which you can select .resx files.
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Configure SharpSLT for using it as 'External Tool' in Visual C# Express 2008
  • Let us assume, a project is opened which contains several .resx-files (as shown below)
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  • From the menu, select 'Tools>External Tools...'
  • A new window opens. Here, you need to enter...(see screenshot below)
    • A name of the tool
    • The path to the executable file
    • The command-line arguments (please note that there is a blank after the second argument, i.e. $(ProjectDir.))
    • Finally, click 'OK'.
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Start SharpSLT as External Tool in Visual C# Express
  • Now you can start SharpSLT as External Tool by selecting 'Tools>SharpSLT' from the menu.
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  • Next you will see a list of .resx-files stored in the project directory.
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  • By pressing 'Up' and 'Down', you can change the order of the files.
  • After the files are seleced, press 'Continue' to start editing the .resx-files.

Using SharpSLT
  • The next window/form presents all entries in one table.
  • Here you can...
    • ...add new entries: Double-click on the table and a new row is added
    • ...edit existing entries: Select a cell and edit it
    • ...delete existing entries: Select a cell/row, then right-click and choose the option from the context menu
    • ...undo the deletion: Select a cell/row, then right-click and choose the option from the context menu
    • ...create a backup of the .resx-files before saving your changes
  • When you are finished editing the entries, press 'Save'.
  • When you are finished, close SharpSLT and return to Visual C# Express
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